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b<>com *Overview* enables secure and accurate augmented reality experiences running anywhere, at any time, on any device. It consists of a set of breakthrough sovereign software services able to map the real environment and locate in 3D AR devices (smartphones, tablets, and AR glasses) at a building, construction site, or factory scale.


  • Single visual positioning system supports diverse AR applications on any network infrastructure.
  • Accurate 3D mapping & localization, even for buildings or factories.

  • Quick and perfect retrieval of localized augmented info as soon as AR apps are launched, without preparation.
  • Crowd mapping to maintain an up-to-date map of the real  environment, even in changing places.

  • Compatible with any AR device equipped with at least a camera and an embedded tracking solution (iOS, Android, Hololens 2, Lynx, etc.).

  •  Retain data ownership and deploy services anywhere, whether on  edge, cloud, or on-premises.



  • Spatial Computing Services
    - Real-time crowd mapping and 6-DoF relocalization
    - Optimization for stereo cameras
    - Map drift correction based on 2D markers
    - GPU optimizations
  • AR Client
    - Unity plugin to connect your application to the
    b<>com *Overview* services
    - Support for AR Foundation, Hololens 2 and Lynx SDK.
  •  Deployment Platform
    - Docker-based containerization
    - Kubernetes orchestration
  •  All-in-one edge infrastructures
    - Plug and Play
    - GPU servers to run spatial computing services
    - Private 5G or Wi-Fi connectivity
    - Two form factors: Flight case or telecom cabinet



Industrial and construction sites

• Maintenance & assembly: display procedure instructions at the right place.
• Quality control: Compare the reality with the digital twin.
• Navigation aids: Show the way to a place.
• Monitoring: On-site display in AR of data produced by IoT sensors.

• Planning: Validate future layouts or construction in AR.
• Safety: Inform the user of nearby hazards.
• Pre-sale: Project the future buyer into the property project.
• Visit: Improve the visitor experience through immersion.


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