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Markerless 2D/3D Human Posture Estimation


There is a need to analyze human postures in the least invasive way with an easy and transportable set-up and to get digital measurements to facilitate monitoring.*Human Pose* is a lightweight, AI based and realtime solution that provides markerless 3D complex human posture estimation taking into account joints biomechanical constraints. It’s a suitable and accurate solution for postural measurement extraction, tested in the medical field. *Human Pose* also allows low latency avateering for XR use cases.



  • Non-invasive Solution: Markerless vision-based human posture
  • Simplified monitoring workflows thanks to the digitalization of the measure or postural analysis


  • Tridimensional skeletal representation
  • Joints orientation management
  • Latency compensation during movement
  • Allows posture representation through an avatar
  • Quick & Easy deployment (C/C++/C# API available),
  • Compatible with standard off-the-shelf RGB-D cameras

 • Joints range of motion monitoring
 • Rehabilitation exercise posture monitoring
 • Wheelchair posture monitoring
 • Hospital bedridden patient monitoring    

Athletic gesture analysis

Activity recognition on the workplace

- Player/Actor posture monitoring
 - « Low cost » Motion Capture

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