b<>com *Wireless Library* [FIR Filter Designer]

Fred Pieau
A tool for high-performance design of intricate FIR filters

Product presentation

Optimal FIR filtering requires complex mathematical operations as well as huge computation and memory resources. This capability is therefore rarely offered in commercial filters’ design tools.

b<>com *Wireless Library* [FIR Filter Designer] features an instructional and easy-to-use interface allowing optimal design of intricate filters in seconds. Its powerful calculation engine can generate filters with up to 20,000 taps when others just give up.

Features & benefits

Filter design

  • Supports all types of FIR filters.
  • 2 generation modes: Fixed and Optimal length Filter
  • Supports over-constraining of transition bands
  • Returns tap values in floating or quantified values

Easy interface

  • Graphical drawing of filters
  • Display of frequency and impulse response with zoom capabilities for generated filters
  • Informative display of warnings and errors
  • Save/Load filters
  • Filters library

At your fingertips

  • The tool can be accessed from anywhere on any device in Software as-a-Service mode

Free Trial

A website to test the solution is available, click here.

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