b<>com *Ultra Marker*

Video forensic watermarking

Studios, content owners, aggregators and distributors need to protect their value chain from piracy and illegal distribution. As described by MovieLabs in its “Specification for enhanced content protection for next generation video”, the use of forensic watermarking is encouraged for data loss prevention, especially for valuable assets like 4K, HDR and 360° contents. Designed without compromising transparency, security and efficiency, b<>com *Ultra Marker* is a breakthrough video marking technology for content protection.


b<>com *Ultra Marker* video watermarking technology features high robustness to any video processing and attacks (lossy compression, N/A conversion, camcording, etc.), supports 4K, HDR, HFR and 360° video and embeds state-of-the-art ID codes to fight collaborative piracy.

b<>com *Ultra Marker* is implemented as a flexible SDK to be integrated in any video pipeline. It is available right now for Linux, OS X and Windows - any other target system can be studied. The source code to build video filters for GStreamer and FFMPEG are also provided.

b<>com *Ultra Marker* is also in the cloud. So no need to install a stand alone application on a costly and dedicated video server. Of course, your assets remain safe and are deleted as soon as they are processed. Furthermore, *Ultra Marker* takes advantage of a partnership with the Copyright Hub to offer the option to get your content registered to this worldwide asset database.

How does it work?

b<>com *Ultra Marker* technology uses two steps for ID embedding. The first step is done once per media and consists of computing a watermarking metadata stream. This stream must be transmitted with multimedia data (using multiplexing or a dedicated channel).

Its computation is fast enough (about 250 fps - 1080p - on an Intel i7 processor) to be embedded in a real time video encoder. The additional necessary bandwidth is about 1 Kbps for 30 fps video. The second step uses the watermark stream to embed a unique ID within the baseband frame using very few computing resources.

Thanks to this implementation, b<>com *Ultra Marker* is suitable for any integration scenario: at the server side, in the consumer’s video players, or using an hybrid architecture (e.g.,first step encoding and second step in the terminal, see example above).

Key differentiators

  • Security: no “security through obscurity” here: b<>com *Ultra Marker* engine is based on Broken Arrows, the only watermark algorithm that has been attacked without success by hundreds of specialists during a worldwide challenge.
  • Tested transparency: The transparency of the watermarking process has been successfully tested with 4K content using recommendations from UIT-R on “Subjective video quality assessment methods for multimedia applications”.
  • High robustness: b<>com *Ultra Marker* SDK is provided with a benchmark program that simulates a set of aggressive video processes. The watermark can be retrieved without any error on highly distorted video, as depicted below.
  • Anti-collusion codes: b<>com *Ultra Marker* features anti-collusion codes to handle collaborative piracy with innovative scoring functions to drastically reduce payload to be embedded. They come with their own APIs to be used with any watermarking technology.
  • Cloud ready: a SaaS version is also available. Thanks to the cloud and its scaling abilities, we show how to generate individual and traceable copies of a given movie at a very high speed (several time faster than real time). It can also manage your copies’ distribution with secure download links.

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