b<>com *Ultra Marker*

Discover b<>com solution for video watermarking : presentation and demo

Studios, content owners, aggregators and distributors need to protect their value chain from piracy and illegal distribution. Movie As described by MovieLabs in its "Specification for enhanced content protection for next generation Video", the use of forensic watermarking is encouraged for data loss prevention, especially for valuable assets like 4K and HDR contents.


b<>com *Ultra Marker* video watermarking technology features high robustness to any video processing and attacks (lossy compression, N/A conversion, camcording, etc.), supports 4K video, HFR and HDR video and embeds state-of-the-art ID codes to fight collaborative piracy.

b<>com *Ultra Marker* is implemented as a flexible SDK to be integrated in any video pipeline. It is available right now for Linux, OS X and Windows - any other target system can be studied. The source code to build video filters for GStreamer and FFMPEG is also provided.

Key differentiators


Tested transparency

High robustness

Anti-collusion codes


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