b<>com *Software Radio* [5G/SAT]

Fred Pieau
A powerful SDR solution for extreme wideband applications

Product presentation

New radio access technologies are succeeding each other at a frantic pace, each coming with its own set of challenges and requiring powerful tools to support both advanced research and IP development teams.

To face those issues, b<>com *Software Radio* [5G/SAT] was created to accommodate extremely wideband signals and offer outstanding computing and data rate capabilities thanks to its cutting-edge digital architecture.

Key features

  • Combination of a high data rate digital processing board and a very large bandwidth full duplex MIMO 2x2 radio transceiver.
  • Cascadable structure allowing one master to control up to six slaves for up to 24x24 MIMO configuration.
  • Multi-band aggregation for multi-RAT services prototyping for both Tx and Rx
  • Frequency generation with steps lower than 10E-3 Hz and very low phase noise


  • Ability to acquire and process large spectrum chunks thanks to its powerful architecture
  • Guaranteed longevity built into programmable hardware and SDR approach
  • Affordable compared to COTS solutions featuring the same level of capabilities
  • Evolutive through the aggregation of several boards
  • Easy to play thanks to preloaded b<>com operating infrastructure

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