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To support you in your digital transformation and the deployment of wireless technologies


In order to accompany enterprises engaged in their digital transformation and the deployment of wireless technologies, b<>com offers high-level technological training service, Qualiopi certified. The b<>com *Training* services are intended for an audience of engineers, technicians, or specialists who already have a good knowledge of telecom networks or data networks. The various training courses are provided by recognized experts with genuine experience in the implementation of network technologies.

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[RAN Narrow band NB-IoT]

The Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology, introduced in 3GPP Release 13, is designed to be easily integrated into LTE networks and provide cellular connectivity to a wide range of devices.

It provides very good indoor radio coverage, and incorporates many mechanisms to ensure low power consumption of connected objects.


service b-com formation réseaux 5G

[NB-IoT & LoRa]

The LoRa (Long Range) and NB-IoT (Narrow-Band Internet of Things) technologies are two essential pillars of the Internet of Things (IoT), offering remarkable wireless connectivity solutions. LoRa, with its LoRaWAN protocol, provides extended range and excellent energy efficiency, ideal for low-cost connectivity over long distances.

On the other hand, NB-IoT, integrated into LTE cellular networks, offers massive connectivity in addition to robust coverage and minimal energy consumption, thus meeting the growing needs of large-scale IoT applications. Together, these technologies catalyze innovation in IoT, paving the way for a connected and efficient future.

service b-com formation réseaux 5G

[5G RAN]

The 5G mobile network promises new connectivity use cases implementing increased throughput, better latency, or access to a very large number of objects to the network. These different constraints have necessitated the evolution of the radio access network (RAN) towards 5G New Radio (NR). All of these evolutions provide the necessary flexibility to address these different use cases, whose constraints are sometimes contradictory.

service b-com formation réseaux 5G

[5G networks]

The new technologies introduced by 5G in radio networks and the core network mark a real break with previous generations of mobile networks.

They allow both a better quality of service for industrial applications and a great ease of network management.

service b-com formation réseaux 5G

[Introduction to private 5G]

Private 5G networks offer high added value for enterprises by enabling very high speed, reliable, high quality of service and secure mobile connectivity.

Private 5G is therefore set to become a key technology for the digital transformation of many industries.

service b-com formation réseaux 5G

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