RED Technologies selects 5G network core b<>com *Dome*


RED Technologies has chosen the b<>com *Dome* 5G network core to develop its competitive private 5G offer for industrial small and medium enterprises. RED Technologies is a telecom engineering company that specializes in the development and commercialization of dynamic radio spectrum and connectivity management solutions.

We chose to integrate b<>com *Dome* technology into our operated private 5G solution for its ease of deployment and its security and sovereignty benefits. Our 5G end-to-end connectivity solution is designed for small and medium enterprises that want to deploy a private 5G network operated at a very competitive cost, notably through the use of unlicensed frequency bands and cloud technologies. We will thus democratize access to industrial 5G and participate in its massive deployment in France and internationally.

Michaël Abitbol

CEO of RED Technologies

We have always stated our ambition to offer solutions that are accessible to both large groups and smaller companies. The fact that our b<>com *Dome* solution is integrated into RED Technologies’ products for SMEs and ETIs reinforces our choice.

Nicolas Dallery

b<>com's Marketing and Sales Director