Best Tech stories from around the web #66

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A VR Theme Park, an alliance for a new open source video format, preschooler Robots, HDR the future of televison, Humanized computer interaction as the next revolution. Here is our selection for this week...

At the crossroads between an innovative technology and an innovative content, a company from Utah developped a theme park exclusively oriented around virtual reality

Seven of the most powerfull digital companies partners up to develop an open source video codec to compete with the h.265 format

Want machines to learn the way human toddlers do? You need a “classroom” equipped with lego blocks and plenty of patience

Beating the standard LCD on most critical viewing metrics, HDR Technology could swamp the market in 2016. The Fisrt commercials productions have been annonced this week at IFA in Berlin

Humanized computer interactions are familiar to users and can save them time, Humanized Computer interaction is according to the UX designers coud truly be the next revolution