b<>com *Ultra Player*

A solution to play new immersive contents

Product Presentation

Whenever you need a playout server delivering the highest video resolution, the fastest frame rate and an outstanding visual quality, the b<>com *Ultra Player* is a solid option. With best-in-class computer components and a professional video board, the server can provide uncompressed 4K/UHD video in real time over a variety of interfaces from HDMI 1.4/2.0 to 3G-SDI.
b<>com *Ultra Player* also provides a free REST API for smooth integration within third-party system.

Features & benefits

1. Real time playback of uncompressed UHD/4K up to 60 fps
> Pristine video quality without compromise

2. Many output interface options
> Greater flexibility through compatibility with both professional and consumer displays

3. Web GUI on PC/MAC or tablet
> User-friendly interface from a broad range of devices

4. Best-in-class IT components
> Performance and affordability

5. Side-by-side playback of two files (incl. butterfly mode)
> Easy comparison of videos on a single 4K screen (no calibration discrepancies)


b<>com *Ultra Player* Video Presentation

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