Toward an Enhanced Mutual Awareness in Asymmetric CVE

Conference Paper - 2019


Proceedings of International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2015)


Morgan Le Chénéchal
Sébastien Chalmé
Thierry Duval
Jérôme Royan
Valérie Gouranton
Bruno Arnaldi


—Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs) aim at providing several users with a consistent shared virtual world. In this work, we focus on the lack of mutual awareness that may appear in many situations and we evaluate different ways to present the distant user and his actions in the Virtual Environment (VE) in order to understand his perception and cognitive process. Indeed, an efficient collaboration involves not only the good perception of some objects but their meaning too. This second criterion introduces the concept of distant analysis that could be a great help in improving the understanding of distant activities. For this work, we focus on a common case consisting in estimating accurately the time at which a distant user analyzed the meaning of a remotely pointed object. Thus, we conduct some experiments to evaluate the concept and compare different techniques for implementing this new awareness feature in a CVE. Amongst others, results show that expertise of the users influences on how they estimate the distant activity and the type of applied strategies.