Efficient Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion for Multi-Standard Digital Front-Ends

Conference Paper - 2019


IEEE NEWCAS Conference 2019


Ali Zeineddine
Stéphane Paquelet
Amor Nafkha
Pierre-Yves Jezequel
Christophe Moy


In this paper, we study the hardware implementation of arbitrary sample rate conversion (ASRC) using recently proposed variable fractional delay filter (V-FDF) structures. The most commonly used solution to implement V-FDFs has been the Farrow structure for the last three decades. In this work, we develop and compare the implementations of different recently proposed V-FDF options based on the Newton structure. These implementations are done on both ASIC and FPGA targets. The obtained results show that the recently proposed solutions offer better ASRC performance while using up to 3 times less resources relatively to the classical Farrow structure. The generic nature of these filters make them suited for a large number of standards.