b<>com *Universal HDR Converter Box*

Any HDR conversion in one small box


b<>com [SDR-HDR Converter]
The award-winning b<>com [SDR-HDR Converter] provides a simple yet powerful way to convert SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) format.

b<>com [HDR-SDR Converter]
The b<>com [HDR-SDR Converter] is a smart way to produce a backward compatible SDR signal from HDR content produced in BT.2100-PQ, BT.2100-HLG or Slog3.

b<>com [HDR-HDR Converter]
The b<>com [HDR-HDR Converter] allows the conversion between different HDR formats.

Key features

  • Adaptive up/down conversions
  • Supports HD or UHD standards
  • 2 channels in a box
  • Switchable PQ/HLG/Slog3
  • Real-time
  • Ultra-low latency


  • Compact: Easy integration into OBVans, Studios or Playouts
  • Versatile: Maintains the interoperability with legacy receivers
  • Simpler: Workflow combining conversions back and forth
  • Excellent subjective quality: Dynamic and adaptive conversion
  • Artist friendly: Preserves the artistic intent

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