Semantic Representation of Neuroimaging Observations: Proof of Concept Based on the VASARI Terminology

Conference Paper - 2019


International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development


Emna Amdouni
Bernard Gibaud


The main objective of this work is to facilitate the identification, sharing and reasoning about cerebral tumors observations via the formalization of their semantic meanings in order to facilitate their exploitation in both the clinical practice and research. We have focused our analysis on the VASARI terminology as a proof of concept, but we are convinced that our work can be useful in other biomedical imaging contexts. In this paper, we propose (1) a methodology, a domain ontology and an annotation tool for providing unambiguous formal definitions of neuroimaging data, (2) an experimental work on the REMBRANDT dataset to demonstrate the added value of our work over existing methods, namely DICOM SR and the AIM model.