b<>com [HDR-SDR Converter]

A solution to convert HDR content into legacy SDR format

Product Presentation

The HDR2SDR technology developed by b<>com is a smart way to produce a backward compatible SDR signal from HDR content produced in BT.2100-PQ, BT.2100-HLG or Slog3. The solution is particularly useful in situations where the same content has to be delivered simultaneously in HDR and SDR format. To preserve the artistic intent, b<>com has developed an algorithm which dynamically and continuously adapts to the style of the incoming video. In addition, it is worth noting that the conversion is perfectly reversible, thanks to the award-winning SDR2HDR solution, also available from b<>com. When cascading the two conversion operations (SDR to HDR or HDR to SDR), the resulting video is visually identical to the original source. This method is sometimes referred to as a round trip.

The technology is currently available in two different formats:
• CPU-Intel library currently available on 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Windows
• VHDL IP Core for multi-vendor FGPA for a real-time use or acceleration board in a server

Key features

  • Converts any HDR content (without the need for input metadata) from BT.2100-PQ, BT.2100-HLG or Slog3, into a BT.1886/BT.709 SDR version
  • Lightweight process
  • Style-aware conversion and exact inverse of b<>com SDR2HDR tone expansion


  • Provides a compelling solution to maintain the interoperability with legacy receivers
  • Can be embedded in existing products
  • Simpler workflow combining conversion back and forth, ensuring that artistic intent is preserved


The SDR to HDR technology is the NAB Show 2017 Technology Innovation Award winner.

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