Towards microservices architecture to transcode videos in the large at low costs

Conference Paper - 2019


TEMU 2016 - International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia


Olivier Barais
Johann Bourcier
Yérom-David Bromberg
Christophe Dion


The increasing popularity of videos over Internet, combined with the wide heterogeneity of various kinds of end users' devices, imposes strong requirements on the underlying infrastructure and computing resources to meet the users expectations. In particular, designing an adequate transcoding workflow in the cloud to stream videos at large scale is: (i) costly, and (ii) complex. By inheriting key concepts from the software engineering domain, such as separation of concerns and microservice architecture style, we are giving our experience feedbacks of building both a low cost and efficient transcoding platform over an ad hoc computing cloud built around a rack of Raspberry Pis.