From Acceptability to Acceptance: Does Experience with the Product Influence User Initial Representations?

Conference Paper - 2019


HCI International 2016


Nicolas Martin
Éric Jamet
Séverine Erhel
Géraldine Rouxel


Adopting a product can be seen as a process that implies some repeated use influencing either positively or negatively judgment over time. Indeed, product judgement is likely to evolve over time and influence the intention to continue using. At yet, little research is avalaible on the evolution of product jugdgement with use. In this paper, we examined the evolution of User eXperience (UX) and affective-motivational factors between evaluation before and after use. Results showed that interaction with the product significantly influences initial representations with, in our study, more negative judgments after use. Moreover, using Expectation-Disconfirmation Theory, significant influences of initial evaluations (i.e. judgement before use) and disconfirmation (i.e. difference between judgement after and before use) were found on behavioral intention after use.