b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox* [HOA Pan]

High Order Ambisonics Panner

The strong public interest in and desire for immersive experiences is probably the most obvious trend in the entertainment industry in recent years. In this context, audio has a major role to play and new techniques like ambisonics, object-based, head-tracking and binauralization make a significant contribution to its immersiveness potential.

The [HOA Pan] plugin is a key element of the b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox*. It lets you pan up to 8 sound sources into a HOA-encoded 3D sound scene. Additional features are near-field compensation and dictance attenuation.

Key features:

  • HOA formats from 1st to 4th order*
  • Standard VST3 or AAX plugins
  • Near-field effect and distance attenuation
  • Pan up to 8 sources in any location
  • User-friendly and intuitive GUI
  • Equirectangular projection view


  • Adapt the scene’s spatial resolution to your needs
  • Work with your favorite DAW
  • Design realistic and dynamic audio scenes
  • Easily create HOA sound objects and ambiences
  • Start creating immediately
  • Create soundtracks for 360 videos

b<>com * Spatial Audio Toolbox *

With a strong background of several years of audio research performed by a world-class team and with the unique input of experts in subjective perception and experience acceptability, b<>com has introduced a set of audio plugins enabling the creation of truly immersive contents and experiences. Relying on the Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) technology, the b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox* plugins provide a complete workflow, from capturing to rendering on headphones or multi-loudspeaker setups. HOA makes it easy to play back complex sound scenes binaurally with head-tracking and it has now become the audio technology of choice for the growing areas of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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