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A solution to convert SDR content into HDR format

Product Presentation

This SDR-to-HDR technology provides a simple yet powerful way to convert SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content into an HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. The algorithm intelligently exploits high dynamic range of the target display while carefully preserving the artistic intent of the source SDR video.

The technology is currently available in two different forms:

  • CPU-Intel library currently available on 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Windows
  • VHDL IP Core for multi-vendor FGPA for a real-time use or acceleration board in a server

Key features

1. Converts any SDR content (without the need for input metadata), from legacy or UHD Phase 1 (BT.709 or BT.2020) format, into a BT.2100 (PQ/Perceptual Quantizer or HLG/Hybrid Log Gamma or Slog 3) HDR version.
> Easier way to adopt HDR at production and distribution stages

2. Style-aware conversion
> True to the original artistic intent

3. Lightweight process
> Can be embedded in existing products

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