b<>com *Adaptive HDR Converter*

The Explorers
Perform real-time HDR conversions without compromise on the artistic intent

Product Presentation

b<>com *Adaptive HDR Converter* offers all the benefits of real-time frame-by-frame adaptive conversion techniques, without any need for manual adjustment. Based on an intelligent algorithm, this technology guarantees an optimal conversion regardless of the video content. Despite the adaptive conversion, it does not require the use of metadata, and yet is still able to guarantee a visually lossless round trip.

b<>com *Adaptive HDR Converter* is the evolution of award winning technologies which are live commercially and integrated within our international partners’ products:

Key features

  • Real-time adaptive up/down conversion
  • Perfect roundtrip
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Supports HD and UHD standards
  • Works with any HDR format: PQ/ HLG/Slog3
  • Small footprint IP core on FPGA


  • Cost effective HDR content production and distribution
  • Simpler workflow combining conversions back and forth
  • Best in class for Live production: No metadata required and style aware conversion
  • Versatile: Easy integration at any stage of the production workflow
  • Excellent subjective quality: Frame by frame adaptive conversion

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