Best Tech Stories From Around The Web #77

Frenchifying Tech words, algorithms, The disrut cup, and Facebook's open source Deep learning servers deisgns.

Facebook Open Sources its Artificial Intelligence Server, by Jordan Novet - Venture Beat 

Facebook announced that its researchers have developed hardware for deep learning applications and is now pushing the designs for anyone to explore through the Open Compute Project. Check out the full blog post for more detail on the Big Sur server. 


Never Not Online, by Adrienne Lafrance - The Atlantic 

new survey by Pew Research Center finds one in five Americans reports being online “almost constantly". More than One third of the people between the ages of 18 and 29 reported being online nearly all the time, while just 6 percent of people over 65 said the same about their habits. 


And The Winner Of TechCunch Disrupt London 2015 is ... by Romain Dillet - TechCrunch. 

15 of the greatest companies from Europe and beyond  competed this week during the european edition of  TechCrunch Disrupt and its incredibly competitive startup competition. They all presented in front of multiple groups of industry leaders serving as judges. The startups were competing for £30,000 and the highly coveted Disrupt Cup. And Jukedeck, a platform that lets users create custom, cheap, royalty-free soundtracks for their videos and/or podcasts, all without any musical talent won first place. Learn more about Jukedeck 


Why 2015 Was a Breakthrough Year in Artificial Intelligence, by Jack Clark - Bloomberg

Computers are starting to open their eyes, The pace of advancement in AI is "actually speeding up," said Jeff Dean, a senior fellow at Google. To celebrate their achievements and plot the year ahead, Dean and many of the other top minds in AI are convening in Montreal this week at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference. It started in 1987 and has become a must-attend event for many Silicon Valley companies in the last few years, thanks to the explosion in AI.


What's up with France's Obsession with Frenchifyng Tech Words ? by Victoria Turk & Sébastien Chavigner - Motherboard 

This week Motherboard added a new language site. Editor Sébastien Chavigner launched Motherboard France, presumably at a soirée with lots of champagne and canapés and other chic-sounding French things. Bidding bienvenue to our Francophone friends reminded me of a quirky phenomenon I came across while studying a modern languages degree at university: France apparently has an obsession with policing its vocabulary in an attempt to stop French speakers from adopting English words into its tongue