Best Tech Stories around the web #156

On the program this week : Sumerian, a browser-based toolkit for VR/AR by Amazon, the last Photoshop's AI feature, the Finland's Slush Conference for tech startups and a music video made with Intel's AI technology.

Amazon Sumerian lets you build VR/AR spaces in a browser—with an AI guide by

Amazon has announced a browser-based toolkit called Sumerian that the company hopes will make virtual reality and augmented reality development accessible to people without advanced coding or 3D rendering skills. Read more

Photoshop's new Select Subject feature demonstrates the power and efficiency of AI by

The feature, called Select Subject, uses machine learning to automatically recognize subjects, both human and animal, and create a layer mask around them automatically. It's not flawless, but it does take a lot of the tedium out of a task many Photoshop users perform regularly. Read more

Finland’s Slush Conference – The Place for Tech Startups in 2017 by

A few serial entrepreneurs, worried about the lack of willingness to take risk, started Slush several years ago. In just a few years, this conference has grown from its humble beginnings to a sold out global event with 17,500 attendees and 1 million live stream viewers as Finland celebrates its Centennial in 2017. Read more

Intel Used AI To Help Make A Music Video by

A new music video featuring Chinese pop star Chris Lee,  ‘Rainy Day, But We Are Together,’ is the first of its kind to use artificial intelligence to generate dramatic special effects. Read more