Best Tech Stories around the web #154

On the program this week : Facebook expanding its payment facilities, Apple working on a AR headset for 2020, Nasa and Uber to work on flying cars and an AI to turn pixelated images into crystal clear images.

Facebook is expanding its payment capabilities by

After introducing a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment feature in the US two years ago, Facebook is finally bringing the capability overseas by launching it in the UK. Read more

Apple Is Ramping Up Work on AR Headset to Succeed iPhone by

Apple Inc., seeking a breakthrough product to succeed the iPhone, aims to have technology ready for an augmented-reality headset in 2019 and could ship a product as early as 2020. Read more

Uber and NASA Want to Bring You Flying Cars in the Next Two Years by

The ride-hailing company's planned flying taxi service is coming to Los Angeles, according to Uber head of product Jeff Holden. Uber is also working with NASA to come up with air traffic control systems for these flying taxis. Read more

This AI Turns Unrecognizable Pixelated Photos Into Crystal-Clear Images by

Remember all the times you snickered when some TV character zoomed in on a photo and said “Enhance!” turning a blurred mess into a highly detailed, razor-sharp image? Now there’s a system–an artificial intelligence-powered image-scaling program called EnhanceNet–that will make that film trope impossible to laugh at, because it’s now a technological reality. Read more