Stéphane UBEDA

Director of the Inria Rennes Research Center and Vice President of the IRT b<>com

Stéphane Ubéda has a doctorate from the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon and a research leadership qualification from the INSA of Lyon. As a university professor at the INSA of Lyon, he has for several years been assigned to the INRIA research center as part of its managing committee. After 6 years as national head of technological development, he took charge of the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique center on October 1, 2015.

A specialist in distributed algorithms, he worked on the first parallel calculators in the 90s before applying his skills to the fields of cellular telecommunications, and later infrastructure-free communication networks. Within the INSA of Lyon, he was tasked with setting up the telecommunication research activity that resulted in the creation of the CITI laboratory.

During his career, he has also served at temporary positions at the EPFL and the Microsoft Research Centre in Cambridge. He was also head of the Inria ARES project team at the Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes research center for 8 years.