[VIDEO] Words from b<>com’s teams: Meeting with the Advanced Media Content lab

With this new episode, we meet Jean-Yves and Antonin from the Advanced Media Content Lab. Together, they work on the industrial applications of holography, particularly for virtual and augmented reality.

As an electronics and microelectronics engineer with degrees from INSA and Supelec, Jean-Yves cut his teeth at Thomson-CSF before joining Civolution where he took the lead on two product lines: Digital cinema (DCI) and content protection. He joined b<>com in 2013 as head of the New Media Content lab, where his work centers on spatial audio, new image formats (HDR, VFR, 6DoF), video compression, and holography.

As a graduate of INSA Rennes, Antonin joined b<>com for his Ph.D. in Signal and Image Processing, which he obtained in 2016. Today he is a Research Engineer working on the generation, compression, and visualization of digital holograms.