[VIDEO] Words from b<>com’s teams: Meeting with the Trust & Security lab

In this video, we set off to learn about the Trust and Security lab, represented by the duo of Valérie Denis and Gaëtan Le Guelvouit, respectively a Research Engineer and a Manager at the Trust & Security lab since 2013. Valérie and Gaëtan work together to design and improve tools to fight digital fraud, such as video watermarking, authentication solutions, and anti-piracy measures.

After doing her thesis at Télécom Bretagne, Valérie worked in electronics for 10 years before getting a Master’s in Computer Science. It was during her graduate internship at Orange Labs that she decided to join b<>com.

A graduate of INSA Rennes, Gaëtan joined INRIA in 2000 for a thesis on digital watermarking. He then brought his expertise to CentraleSupélec Paris, followed by Capgemini, and finally Orange Labs, where he met Valérie. He ended up hiring her at b<>com! Get the rest of the story in the video ;-)