Whitepaper: [Augmented Reality: The next wave is here]

Augmented Reality (AR) has experienced a new craze due to the significant increase in sensing and processing capabilities available to smartphones and tablets. The old dream of naturally increasing our perception of the real world is becoming a reality. But is AR mature enough for widespread use and mass adoption?

This white paper focuses on AR for industrial needs. It presents use cases which can already be addressed with existing devices, as long as the remaining R&D challenges and the most promising evolutions we can expect in the years to come.

The authors

This white paper was drafted by the b<>com Hypermedia team, specifically by Jérôme Royan, Hypermedia Principal Architect, Muriel Deschanel, Hypermedia Business Development Director and Nicole Le Minous, Project Manager. The three of them are experts in augmented reality technologies.

This contribution is based on skills developed at b<>com, focusing on natural interaction in immersive environments. In order to develop technologies that enhance human performance, b<>com experts study collaboration between heterogeneous immersive systems, ranging from augmented reality glasses to advanced gesture-based interfaces to industrial virtual reality equipment. The user is central to the way b<>com thinks and works, from defining usage cases to prototyping.

Special contributions from Antonin Gilles, holography expert and Martin Ragot on usage and acceptability features.

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