[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Tiffany Luong

A graduate of Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, Tiffany, who is passionate about virtual and augmented reality, is looking to a Master’s in Research in 3D interactive technology management. “This year, I realized that there was still a lot of research and development to be carried out on this subject.” Going by this observation, she chose to do a thesis at the end of her graduate internship at INRIA. “The hiring process at b<>com was very fast; one week after my last interview, I got my contract to start 15 days later!” Since January 2018, she’s worked at the Human Factors Technologies lab, which analyzes and anticipates human behaviors in order to design smart environments. The subject of her thesis is the study of cognitive and affective states in virtual reality. “For instance, if a person has a complex task to carry out in virtual reality, the goal is to find out how to relieve their mental workload by offering a more suitable environment or task.”