Three questions for a member: Thomson Video Networks (TVN)

Claude Perron, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of TVN, tells us about its commitment to b<>com.

1. What does TVN do?
TVN is a medium-size business that specializes in the compression and processing of video content for digital television operators and broadcasters. We have more than 400 employees, including 200 working in Research and Development in France. Our head office is in Rennes. Our organization is supplemented by about fifteen subsidiaries abroad, where we do 90% of our business.

"Compression and processing of video content for digital television operators and broadcasters"

2. Why did you join b<>com?
TVN is a founding member of b<>com. Our commitment was natural in light of the convergence between what we do and the expertise available at b<>com. When we talk about television, we're talking not just the picture, but also transmission. b<>com's work in images and networks gets to the heart of our challenges. 

                                           "A natural commitment"

Three people from TVN work in the Advanced Media Coding laboratory: Nicolas Dhollande and Franck Chi for four days a week, and Xavier Ducloux every other week. They work on new television formats (4K) and future compression standards. They fit perfectly into the teams here.

3. What is the purpose of your partnership?
We expect that b<>com will allow us to add innovation to our products in order to create value for our clients. Our shared objective is very concrete: leverage innovation to quickly grow the business! For example, we work on new algorithmic approaches for our flagship line of MPEG compression solutions. 

"Our shared objective is very concrete: Leverage innovation to quickly grow the business"

At b<>com, our experts are immersed in an innovative, stimulating environment. Alongside manufacturers, academics, and other small and medium businesses, they form a critical mass that can accelerate our innovation cycle. As a medium business ourselves, quickly turning that innovation into value perceived by our customers is fundamental. The success of our collaboration with b<>com depends on it. TVN is a firm believer: we are studying the possibility of committing to new projects over the coming months.