From the project to the firsts steps in the real world: overview of beginning 2013

Jean-Pierre Meignan
Remember, 2013 began with the official take off of b<>com and the unveiling of its Rennes’s campus on January 10th.

But what happened since then? Let’s go back on the firsts months b<>com…

From the very start, b<>com’s mission was to boost development and marketing of tools, products and services that improve everyday’s life, thanks to research and innovation in digital technologies. If the Institute of Technological Research (ITR) had long-term ambitions, it also had really high short term ones.

Therefore, the CEO Bertrand Guilbaud had to be really fast in the development of the activity.  Thus, on the human resources’ side, a widespread recruitment was quickly launched. After its Technical Director Jean-Yves Savary, its Head of the International Development Department Emmanuelle Garnaud – Gamache, its e-Health’s Program Director Eric Thibaut…, today, b<>com is composed of 18 employees, a number in constant progression. On the projects’ side, after several meetings, the new team was able to specify the contents of the 3 strategic working areas, which characterize the b<>com’s activity: hypermedia (images, augmented and virtual reality), smarter and faster networks and e-Health. 9 projects will be developed within the Institute of Technological Research, and at the end of June 2013, 6 thesis proposals have already been selected to constitute the first working base of our future researchers.b<>com's CEO Bertrand Guilbaud supervised everything from the recruitment of his staff to the kick of the firsts projects ... In parallel with these actions, b<>com also wanted to develop its image nationally and internationally. Indeed, b<>com’s will was to develop partnerships not only with our best counterparts all over the world, but also with the other French Institutes of Technological Research. Among the actions carried out at the beginning of the year, we especially remember some key moments:

  • The conference “At b<>com’s discovery”, organized the 5th of April by the Matinale Rennes Atalante,
  • Several meetings with the other ITR to share experiences and best practices,
  • b<>com’s meeting with several Asian market’s key players, during the Bretagne Commerce International’s mission, organized last May in Korea and in Japan,
  • And the pre-launch of the b<>com’s brand platform last June, during the first convention of the Institute of Technological Research. The opportunity for the team, not only, to highlight b<>com’s values to its founding and associate members but also, to present the work in progress on the working space in the future campus.

In a nutshell, after 6 months of life, b<>com went smoothly (and sometimes not ;-) ) from a project of Institute of Technological Research to an Institute of Technological Research with projects. Today b<>com looks towards the future. Not only the construction of its future campus is in progress, but also, B-com’s Men hiring process is ongoing, with the ambition to “innovate for the common good”.