News from the eastern world

B-com took part in the Bretagne Commerce International’s last mission, organized in Seoul and Tokyo. The main goals were to meet the key players of the Japanese and Korean IT industry, visit their showrooms, share views on topics such as mobility and digital society trends and challenges. The opportunity to take the pulse of the Asian digital economy, where geopolitical forces are huge and where tensions and rivalries stimulate a secular competition. The mission, composed of Breton SME such as Astellia, Haploid and Secure IT (B-com’s members), started in Seoul with showrooms’ visits such as the ones of SK Telecom, Google Korea, LG and Samsung Ventures. A tour oriented towards the future, targeting a very wide audience, where usages and possibilities go beyond the technology.Les murs interactifs de la maison connectée SK TShow room SKT, au coeur d'une vitrine technologique In Tokyo, the tour continued with meetings at NTT Docomo and Fujitsu. The AppStore’s n°5 GREE which is a social gamming pioneer, or even Rakuten, the e-commerce Japanese group, were also included in this Japanese discovery. At last, the highlight of the show was our visit at Panasonic and the presentation of its smart city project of Fujisawa. During this trip, we met two important clusters: Kocca in Seoul, dedicated to smart content companies, and the Mobile forum content in Tokyo. Both are living proofs that content (game, apps, shows…) are key to success for our industry. Finally, B-com was able to check the relevance of its challenges and to develop key contacts in the Asian area. This mission was also the opportunity to meet the hologram pop star Hatsune Miku who arouses passions and attracts Japanese crowds…La star hologramme en concert