Meeting Yigit Ozcan, PhD student at the University of Waterloo, in immersion at b<>com

Ygit Ozcan, PhD student at the University of Waterloo, spent 3 months at b<>com. During his last days here, we asked him some questions about his collaboration with the Networks & Security team.

Can you briefly describe your university and the circumstances that lead you to spend a few months at b<>com?

I’m a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in University of Waterloo, Canada. It’s one of the leading research universities of North America in this field. I’m working on wireless networks with my PhD supervisor Prof. Catherine Rosenberg, who is also the President of b<>com’s scientific advisory board. She was the person who recommended my name to b<>com for this internship. I’m so grateful to her for the fascinating experience I’ve had here.

Could you describe the collaboration with b<>com’s teams?

I was collaborating with the Network Architecture lab. We were working on a new Multipath TCP proposal. My duty was mainly to simulate the proposal on NS3 which is an open source network simulator and to develop intelligent algorithms to improve the performance of the proposal. It was really productive work and we’re hoping to collaborate on this work in the future even after I leave b<>com. Towards the end of my internship, we wrote a technical paper and submitted it to a conference. It was nice to see the reward of the hard work that I did during my internship here.

In the end, could you share the most remarkable moments/aspects of your time spent with us?

In general, this was a wonderful experience for me. It was also special for me because this was the first time I was involved in research outside academia. In the university, we focus more on theoretical research and it was a very educational experience to see how theoretical and practical aspects of research are combined here at b<>com. I was very impressed on my first day at b<>com because of the facilities, the passion that  people here have for research, and the working environment. Moreover, I think the diversity of the research fields is another factor that makes b<>com an impressive institute. The great relationship with all my colleagues which helped me a lot in adapting to the company and to France in general.