Catherine Rosenberg to head b<>com’s Scientific Advisory Board

Fred Pieau
She will steer the works of the group of 9 scientists specialized in the, information systems, medical imagery, Internet of the Future, sound sciences and technologies…
Fred Pieau

This group of renowned French and foreign scientists, leaders in the areas of activity of b<>com’s Institute of Research and Technology, met for the first time in Rennes on Wednesday, May 21st.

On this occasion, Catherine Rosenberg was elected to chair the b<>com’s Scientific Advisory Board. Catherine Rosenberg is a well-known figure in the field of telecommunications. A Professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, she heads its Research Chair on the Internet of the Future.  

 b<>com is pleased with the appointment of Catherine Rosenberg as Chairperson of the Council. "That is very good news! Catherine has a considerable understanding of the scientific issues", according to Bertrand Braunschweig and Claude Perron, b<>com administrators. "This council has already benefitted us with its detailed and extremely relevant outsider’s perspective. Its action-focused recommendations are valuable for our researchers".

For the new Chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Board, "b<>com has the potential to become a major worldwide player in key technology of connected medias and e-Health. We greatly appreciated this meeting with the research teams, whose passion and enthusiasm have convinced us.

The Scientific Advisory Board was enthousiastic after this first meeting, among the reactions: 

Wiro J. Niessen, Dr.: "I am very enthusiastic about the enthusiasm and vision of the team."

Didier Lebrat: "The presentations from both the management and  researchers clearly demonstrate the huge potential that b<>com represent as a vehicle to boost innovation and accelerate the development of products that can bring significant value in the industries of Networks, Multimedia and e-health."

Hugues Vinet: "I was impressed by the ambition of the project and by the quality and enthusiasm of all the involved actors. b<>com gathers a unique combination of skills and means in order to become a significant actor of the ICT field with an international visibility. I'm glad to be part of this adventure through the Scientific Advisory Board. My current impression is the one of an ambitious project with a great potential."

François Neumann: "I feel comfortable about future success of the b<>com mission, both because of dedication and enthousiasm of teams and the quality and balanced configuration of the Scientific Advisory Board"

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