Best Tech Stories from around the Web #86

On the program this week: amazing holograms, sony unveils a little more about Playstation VR, a pigeon pollution patrol, Go Game & AI : checkmate! and Domino's will use robots to deliver pizzas in New Zealand.

New Microsoft HoloLens actiongram app drops CGI characters into your movies by geeky-gadgets

Microsoft has unveiled a new Microsoft HoloLens Actiongram application this week which has been designed to provide a very unique holographic storytelling tool hat can be used by anyone.

Sony unveils price and release window for PlayStation VR by

At an event in San Francisco, Sony unveiled little more than that: The PlayStation VR, which is currently the only console-based VR system, will be available in October 2016 for $399. For those who don't already have the console, going all in will still be cheaper than starting from scratch (buying a powerful enough computer to power the headsets) with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, as a PlayStation 4 itself is somewhere in the $399 range.

A pigeon pollution patrol is flying around London wearing tiny backpacks by

Ten pigeons with tiny backpacks are flying over London for the next two days monitoring the city’s pollution levels. Pigeon Patrol, as they’re called by the companies behind the project, are live tweeting the pollution data at their account @PigeonAir.

Google AI beats South Korean Go pro, puts humans in their place by winning series 4-1 by

Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) program beat South Korean professional Lee Sedol in the ancient board game Go on Tuesday, recovering from Sunday’s loss to win its fourth match in a five-game series.

Domino's will use robots to deliver pizzas in New Zealand by

Domino's is bringing robotic pizza delivery to New Zealand. The pizza chain today announced that it will trial a battery-powered delivery robot in the capital city of Wellington, describing the bot as "the world's first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle."