Best Tech Stories from around the web #65

Cybersecurity, 5G, 8k resolution, e-Health, VR... Find out our selection of the best articles of the week.

August 24th to August 28th

Japan Times

Cyber attacks are on the increase, and one cybersecurity reasercher from Georgetown university is on a mission to document them all. Following the publication of the results in a paper available here, the MiT Technology Review features a two-part article detailing the 20 most infamous of them since 2001

"5G is not about faster, but about integrating all types of connectivity" told Aicha Evans Vice president of plateform engineering at Intel during a keynote last week. The Company hopes to provide with 5G a seamless experience that will integrate cellular and WiFi from the user's point of view.  

Olympic games always offer an opportunity to boost the host nation's technology. Focusing on the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo, both private and public japanese sectors have teamed up to introduce 8K resolution or Super Hi-Vision (SHV) which will boasts a resolution of 7.680 by 4.320 pixels, 16 times as many pixels as the currents HD standard.

"A common perception in the healthcare industry is that the underlying cultural environment limits technological advances in safety and efficiency." But could technology when applied correctly drive meaningful cultural change to the healthcare industry ?

The surprising parnership between Facebook and the Virtual Reality headset Occulus Rift, inspired the famous talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. He envisoned a nightmare version of Facebook taking annoying Farmville notification to a whole new level...