Best Tech Stories around the web #271

This week: An electric car that doesn't need to be recharged, the new Google App for users with speech and motor impairments, and China turns on nuclear-powered 'artificial sun'.


A startup opened orders for a $26,000 solar-powered EV that it claims never needs charging. The first batch sold out in 24 hours by

Founded in 2005, Aptera was a hot name in the EV space for years — impressing Jay Leno during a test ride and eventually taking thousands of orders for its highly efficient three-wheeler — but it ran out of money and closed up shop in 2011. Read more


How To Use Google’s New ‘Look To Speak’ Android Accessibility App by

Look to Speak is a free Android eye-tracking app that enables fast and low-cost communication for users with speech and motor impairments. Read more


China turns on nuclear-powered 'artificial sun' by

China successfully powered up its "artificial sun" nuclear fusion reactor for the first time, state media reported Friday, marking a great advance in the country's nuclear power research capabilities. Read more