Best Tech Stories around the web #270

This week: A 3D-printed heart is more real than life, the first intelligent contact lenses are now available, and the European Space Agency signs with a Swiss startup to clean up space.


Highly Realistic 3D Printed Human Hearts by

Physical models of organs and tissues have many uses in clinical medicine, particularly when preparing for challenging surgeries. Naturally, the heart is commonly modeled using 3D printing to most closely mimic the nuances of unique patient anatomies. This is useful when preparing for procedures such as mitral valve repairs, but typically this is accomplished using printers that lay down layers of hard plastic or rubber that mostly only replicate the shape of the heart. The elasticity, on the other hand, is very much unlike that of real human hearts. Read more


British Company Unveils Contact Lens That Can Change Colour, Record Memories by

British e-shop ‘Lenstore’ has announced a new age contact lens that could allow wearers to zoom in 60 times more than the naked eye. It'll be launched in 2021. Read more


Why Europe's Space Agency Is Spending $103 Million to Remove a Single Piece of Space Junk by

The European Space Agency has signed a historic deal with Swiss startup ClearSpace to remove a single item of space debris in 2025. The $103 million price tag is steep, but this mission—involving an orbiting, mouth-like net—could herald the beginning of an entirely new space industry. Read more