Best Tech Stories around the web #268

This week: A wingsuit basejumper soar up over a mountain using BMW electric impellers, a portable keyboard that lights the way for first-time musicians, and a revolutionary mask "absorbs" excess alcohol.


Watch a wingsuit basejumper soar up and over a mountain using BMW electric impellers by

Wingsuit basejumpers are supposed to fly down, right? Wrong! Austrian basejumper Peter Salzmann dreamt up a way of taking his sport to new heights with a little electric help. Salzmann collaborated with BMW i and BMW's Designworks agency to make an electric-powered impeller that would allow him to fly even longer than any wingsuit-wearing basejumper has ever gone. Read more


Roli Lumi review: a portable keyboard that lights the way for first-time musicians by

The $299 Lumi is the latest offering from music hardware startup Roli, known for its squishy Seaboard keyboards and modular beat-making Blocks accessories. But while Roli’s past products have been aimed squarely at professionals, the Lumi is meant to attract would-be musicians: people who’ve never read a note of music in their life, but are eager to play all the same. Read more


Simple invention helps you sober up by exhaling alcohol by

Scientists in Canada say they’ve found a new way to treat potentially life-threatening alcohol intoxication—by helping people literally breathe out the alcohol in their system. Their device, which is designed to allow people to hyperventilate safely, was found to speed up the clearance of alcohol from healthy volunteers three times faster in a small pilot study. Read more