Best Tech Stories around the web #265

This week: a virtual keyboard to write on any surface, the "Apple Glass" could arrive by 2022, robot swarms guided by human artists to execute paintings, and an intelligent fabric that recognizes everything placed on a table.


Facebook is preparing a virtual keyboard for every surface by

Facebook researchers have just unveiled a virtual keyboard based on hand tracking with cameras integrated into a virtual reality headset. It does not require any additional peripherals and can be used on any flat surface. Read more


The “Apple Glass” could arrive by 2022, with Sony sensors by

Many of us are eagerly awaiting the release of a real novelty from Apple. For the moment, Apple has never really announced this product. However, in recent months, the Cupertino company has filed a large number of patents for this device. This leads us to believe that Apple is focusing part of its workforce on the development of these glasses. Read more


In the near future, robot swarms guided by human artists could execute paintings by

Postdoctoral research associate in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering at princeton university, maría santos, has presented her research on swarm robotics, creating an interactive multi-robot painting through colored motion trails. the robotic painting system is composed of a team of mobile robots equipped with different color paints able to create pictorial compositions by leaving trails of color as they move throughout a canvas. Read more


The intelligent fabric capable of recognizing (almost) all the objects placed on its surface by

Capacitivo is a very promising connected and intelligent fabric project. The first prototype manages to detect a large panel of objects placed on its surface. Depending on the applications associated with it, it could help you use food (for cooking recipes). Or remember that you put the remote control, your headphones or even your pen in a specific place so that you do not waste time looking for it. Read more