Best Tech Stories around the web #262

This week: Amazon will soon make it possible to pay with the palm of the hand, a location ten times more precise than GPS thanks to the Starlink and SkyReal satellites and the Airbus spin-off immerses manufacturers in virtual reality.


Amazon One lets you pay with your palm by

Amazon wants its palm recognition technology in stores, stadiums, and office buildings. Read more


SpaceX’s Starlink satellites could make US Army navigation hard to jam by

New research shows Elon Musk’s broadband network could work as an alternative to GPS. Read more


Collaborative Design Solution SkyReal is Industrial Scale VR by

Consumer virtual reality (VR) may have been the catalyst for the current immersive revolution but its in the enterprise sector where some of the biggest leaps are being made. One of those is collaborative VR. The coronavirus pandemic forced companies to close offices and rethink how their workforces could continue, leading to a rise in XR solutions. Read more