Best Tech Stories around the web #248

This week: Is AI the remedy for human error?, the cellulose mask promotes the benefits of biodesign, pop songs wrote by a deep-learning algorithm and plunge in an immersive world... in Centre Pompidou!


AI: A Remedy for Human Error? by

Human error is one of the greatest causes of data breaches worldwide, but the seeming inevitability of it makes human error especially dangerous. Read more


Sum studio's home-grown cellulose mask promotes the benefits of biodesign by

during the current COVID-19 health pandemic, the race has been on to provide adequate numbers of personal protective equipment (PPE). designers and the general public have came out in force to offer creative solutions ranging from 3D printed shields to DIY face masks. however, as many of these designs have used plastic, elizabeth bridges and garrett benisch of sum studio have created a microbial cellulose face mask while wondering if earlier investment in sustainable bio manufacturing could have made PPE more readily available. Read more


These pop songs were written by OpenAI’s deep-learning algorithm by

In a fresh spin on manufactured pop, OpenAI has released a neural network called Jukebox that can generate catchy songs in a variety of different styles, from teenybop and country to hip-hop and heavy metal. It even sings—sort of. Read more


Plunge in an immersive world... in Centre Pompidou

Designed by digital artists, Prisme 7 offers you an adventure in a poetic, artistic world among some of the greatest works in the collection of the Musée national d'art moderne, the biggest in Europe. Across 7 levels, from Mondrian to Warhol and Veilhan, unlock the masterpieces of the Centre Pompidou in each challenge, to build and add to your own virtual gallery. More info