Best Tech Stories around the web #246

Gloves to hack your dreams, a futuristic NIKE skincare LED mask, music machines using plants and objects, a habitat to live on the moon tested in Greenland, and the highlights of FMX 1994 – 2020.


Would You Wear This Glove to Hack Your Dreams? by

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say they can tweak your dreams so that your time asleep isn’t just for resting. They also say turning dreams into usable data can benefit your waking life. Read more


designer proposes futuristic NIKE skincare LED mask to encourage self-development by

korean concept designer min chang kim visualizes a futuristic NIKE wellness and cosmetic product — an LED skincare mask. in collaboration with PDF HAUS, a product design education institution, kim brings life to the idea of a product combining elements of the skincare industry, with the sporty CMF (color, material and finish) identity of NIKE. unlike many of the emerging face mask and shield designs in response to COVID-19, this product provides a stylish experience and is finished in three color options — yellow, green and red. Read more


bichopalo sculpts complicated music machines using plants and other objects by

music sculptor bichopalo builds complex music machines from unusual objects. the machines feature plants where possible as well as other natural elements like sticks and water. they also include small spherical elements that double as bird houses to host bichopalo’s two pet birds, pico and verdi. Read more


2 architects are building a habitat to live on the moon. They're going into total isolation in Greenland for 3 months to test it by

The test will take place in northern Greenland, which the architects determined was closest to conditions on the moon. Read more


Highlights of FMX 1994 – 2020

This new series of online shows will kick off from May 5-8, the dates that FMX 2020 was originally scheduled to take place, and will continue bi-weekly until the end of the year. Each episode will be dedicated to an outstanding personality from the rich history of FMX. Discover the event