Best Tech Stories around the web #243

This week: Emoji get redesigned for COVID-19, virtual dance parties on Instagram, and a great initiative from SAT to help caregivers.


Empty toilet paper rolls and a ‘closed’ sign: Emoji get redesigned for COVID-19 by

Many of us are working from home, wrangling kids while managing our day jobs, and just trying to keep our wits about us. That means we turn on Netflix at 10 p.m., pop a pinot, and tune out. But once designer Ji Lee is done juggling his day, he does the unthinkable: Even more work to, in his words, “stay productive and sane.” Read more


I wanna dance with somebody (on Instagram) by

Kristin Childers went to a dance party on Saturday in her pajamas. The clothes didn’t matter, because she never left her living room. The party took place entirely on Instagram. Read more



The SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques) is calling on artists and supporters to send a creative and personalized video message in support of scientists and all healthcare workers who are currently working tirelessly for the good of our population. More info