Best Tech Stories around the web #237

This week: A brain implant restores partial vision to blind people, Airbus reveals blended wing airplane that could cut carbon emissions by 20%, Mitsubishi’s fake LED skylights simulate sunlight and Transmediale 2020 until Mar, 01 in Berlin.


Brain implant restores partial vision to blind people by

Medical experts hail ‘paradigm shift’ of implant that transmits video images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eye and optic nerve. Read more


airbus reveals blended wing airplane that could cut carbon emissions by 20% by

airbus has unveiled a futuristic airplane design which it claims could cut carbon emissions by 20 per cent. code-named MAVERIC, it blends the wing and the body to produce less aerodynamic drag while making for more spacious cabin interiors. Read more


Mitsubishi’s Fake LED Skylights Simulate Sunlight to Make Offices Feel Less Depressing by

But Mitsubishi is leveraging one technology in an attempt to make working in a sea of cubicles feel less depressing. It’s developed an LED-lit panel that can simulate natural light coming in from the outside, creating the effect of a skylight even in an office at the bottom of a towering skyscraper where that would be impossible. Read more


Transmediale 2020 - End to End. 28 Jan – 01 Mar, Berlin.

Inspired by this pre-Internet idea of networks, transmediale 2020 – End to End focuses on both forgotten and potential futures with and without networks. Leaving behind a decade marked by a backlash against the Internet and the network society, transmediale aims at a comprehensive re-evaluation of networks and their limits. Discover the event