Best Tech Stories around the web #233

This week: The new Oculus is getting controller-free hand tracking, Interstellar Lab designs 'mars village' in Mojave desert, DeepMind's Dreamer AI learns from the past to predict the future, and the event "Atlas" in Paris.


The Oculus Quest is getting controller-free hand tracking this week by

Beating Oculus’ own 2020 release window. Read more


Interstellar lab designs 'mars village' in mojave desert to help us survive climate change by

Paris-based research studio interstellar lab has announced plans to build a network of biomes in the mojave desert, california, in a bid to further research on how humans could live on mars. the closed-loop terrestrial village, called EBIOS, stands for experimental bio-regenerative station and is described as having ‘regenerative life support technologies.’ Read more


DeepMind’s Dreamer AI learns from the past to predict the future by

Some AI systems achieve goals in challenging environments by drawing on representations of the world informed by past experiences. They generalize these to novel situations, enabling them to complete tasks even in settings they haven’t encountered before. Read more


"Atlas", 13, december, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Atlas, designed by the composer, mathematician, and researcher Carmine–Emanuele Cella is a collective work in all aspects. The sound material was collected in advance of the performance, at three sites in Paris, Karlsruhe, and Athens making it possible to create a subjective sound map. More info