Best Tech Stories around the web #230

This week: humans placed in suspended animation for the first time, Pirelli makes smart tires for 5G Cars, ads for Nike created by an Artificial Intelligence and strongest Gamma-Ray bursts ever detected.


Exclusive: Humans placed in suspended animation for the first time by

Doctors have placed humans in suspended animation for the first time, as part of a trial in the US that aims to make it possible to fix traumatic injuries that would otherwise cause death. Read more


Pirelli Is Making Smart Tires for 5G Cars that Report on Road Conditions by

There’s a good chance that your next car (assuming there is a next car in your future) will feature an always-on 5G connection. Pirelli thinks tires should tap into that wireless link to make our roads safer. Read more


AI creates the perfect(ish) Nike commercial after studying 7 years of ads by

Working in advertising can’t be easy. For every “I’m lovin’ it” or “Just Do It” there’s thousands of crappy, forgettable slogans that never caught on. But it’s nearly 2020 and that means the brave front-line marketers tasked with capturing our hearts, minds, and wallets have a powerful new ally: Artificial intelligence. Read more


Astronomers Have Detected Record-Breaking Light Emissions From Gamma-Ray Bursts by

Two violent explosions in galaxies billions of light-years away recently produced the brightest light in the Universe. Scientists caught it in action for the first time. Read more