Best Tech Stories around the web #223

This week: Biotech company 3D-prints a miniature human heart, metal jewelry helps wearers avoid being tracked by facial recognition technology, a video to take a deep dive into a Ballpoint Pen and Scopitone Festival in Nantes.


Biotech company 3D-prints a miniature human heart from stem cells by

A company called Biolife4D has developed the technology to print human cardiac tissue by collecting blood cells from a patient and converting these cells to a type of stem cell called Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells. The technology could eventually be used to create thousands of much-needed hearts for transplantation. Read more


Sculptural Metal Jewelry by Ewa Nowak Helps Wearers Avoid Being Tracked by Facial Recognition Technology by

Several methodologies have been tested to try and thwart growing facial recognition technologies, however perhaps none are as elegant as Polish designer Ewa Nowak’s metal jewelry. Her project, Incognito, was born out of her own uneasiness about the global state of privacy, and was tested using Facebook’s DeepFace algorithm to ensure its success. Read more


Take a Deep Dive Into the Relative Scale of Atoms Through the Tip of a Ballpoint Pen by

The Super Zoom is a new computer-generated animation that shows how everything in the universe is made of minuscule foundational elements. Read more


Scopitone Festival - sept. 12 to sept 22 2019 in Nantes.

Based on Ile de Nantes, an island in the centre of the city, and the heart of its Creative Arts District, Stereolux is a local cultural and artistic initiative geared towards contemporary music and the digital arts. Read more