Best Tech Stories around the web #222

This week: Didi Chuxing launches a self-driving car pilot in Shanghai, BMW shows off an X6 in Vantablack the blackest of blacks, AR swim goggles with heart rate data, robots to serve food to restaurant clients, and the IFA 2019, in Berlin.


China’s Didi Chuxing launches robot taxi experiment in Shanghai by

Didi Chuxing is launching a self-driving car pilot in Shanghai, the Chinese ride-hailing giant announced. Read more


BMW shows off an X6 in Vantablack, the blackest of blacks by

At next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW will display a one-off version of the forthcoming third-generation X6 SUV that’s been fully coated in Vantablack paint, in which carbon nanotubes are used to create one of the darkest substances on Earth. Read more


Form and Polar will bring heart rate data to AR swim goggles by

Form recently launched its $200 augmented reality goggles that let athletic swimmers track their lap-swimming data. Today the company is announcing it has teamed up with Polar to measure a swimmer’s heart rate in real time. Read more


Bear Robotics is raising big bucks for robots that deliver food to restaurant patrons by

Some days, it feels like there’s almost no end to the number of jobs that might be replaced altogether or in some part by smart machines, from radiologists to truck drivers to, gulp, journalists. You might be tempted to sob about it to your friendly restaurant server, but wait! It’s a robot, too! Read more


IFA 2019 from 6th to 11th september in Berlin, Germany
IFA, or Internationale Funkausstellung, is Europe's biggest tech show. Held in Berlin over the first few days of September, it's one of the most significant spots on the calendar for product launches. Read more