Best Tech Stories around the web #220

This week: flexible & wireless stick-on sensors to monitor your sweat and pulse, a tree to fight against pollution, a wearable to improve the memory and the 20th edition of MUTEK in Montréal.


Flexible stick-on sensors could wirelessly monitor your sweat and pulse by

As people strive ever harder to minutely quantify every action they do, the sensors that monitor those actions are growing lighter and less invasive. Two prototype sensors from crosstown rivals Stanford and Berkeley stick right to the skin and provide a wealth of physiological data. Read more


BioUrban robotic tree fights pollution by performing the work of 368 real trees by

From time to time, mexico city is paralyzed by smoke from cars, industries and even the nearby volcano the popocatepetl. to fight this, a group of engineers has a new proposal to reduce the problem. created by BioMitech and dubbed BioUrban, the project sees a kind of artificial tree that, like its natural peers, absorbs pollution and returns clean air. Read more


Humm unveils wearable that stimulates your brain to improve memory by

Humm has announced a wearable that provides you with “neurostimulation” that you wear for 15 minutes a day to improve your memory. Read more


MUTEK – Montreal, August 20 to 25

MUTEK Montréal invites you to its 20th edition, running from August 20 to 25, 2019, with six days and nights of audiovisual performances, live electronic music and a full theatre of experiences that will push the boundaries of digital art and engage you in the playground that is our city. Read more