Best Tech Stories around the web #217

This week: an AI's baby monitor, a prototype of solar car with 450 miles of range, the new Harry Potter videogame in AR, a laser that identifies people by their heartbeat and the exhibition "Big Torrent" at Avignon.


Cubo AI's baby monitor will alert you if your child's face is covered by

There are plenty of smart baby monitors on the market, and some are better than others. Cubo AI is hoping to join the pack with a baby monitor that can alert you if your little one's face is covered. The AI-powered face detection technology could come in useful if your baby rolls onto his or her stomach or is covered by a blanket. Read more


The Lightyear One is a prototype ‘solar car’ with 450 miles of range by

Lightyear has unveiled the first prototype of the Lightyear One, an electric vehicle covered in solar panels that it plans to start delivering to consumers in 2021. The car company was founded in 2016 by ex-members of Solar Team Eindhoven, a team of engineering students who won the solar-powered World Solar Challenge race in 2013, 2015, and 2017. Read more


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is missing the Pokémon Go magic by
Three years after Pokémon Go took the world by storm, Niantic is back to try to recapture that lightning in a bottle with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Like its predecessor, Wizards Unite is a location-based AR game, and this time the developer is merging the formula with one of the only cultural forces bigger than the popular video game series: Harry Potter. Read more


The Pentagon has a laser that identifies people by their heartbeat by

Biometric identification has become part of everyday life. We've got facial recognition in airports, cars that can be unlocked just by looking at them, technology that detects a person's unique way of walking, and of course the ubiquitous fingerprint, used for everything from smart phones to event ticketing. Next on the agenda? Your heartbeat. Read more


O.R.S Exhibition at Avignon - Big Torrent

The BigTorrent exhibition will take place in Avignon, from July 4 to 17, 2019, on the site of the Barthelasse Island, designed by Bipolar in partnership with EDIS, French Tech Grande Provence and the Festival d'Avignon, with the support of STARTS programme. Both an artistic project and an action to raise awareness of flood risk, BigTorrent is based on a sensitive approach to the river, to be lived through plastic installations and immersive VR experiences. More info