Best Tech Stories around the web #195

This week: AI optimizes air traffic, a cyborg indoor plant, Puma springs up its "computer sneakers" from 1986 and Arkansas raises awareness of concussions with VR.


Groupe ADP Invests in air traffic management optimisation start-up by

Global airport operator, Groupe ADP, has purchased an equity stake in Innov'ATM via the ADP Invest fund dedicated to investing in new and innovative companies. Read more


MIT "cyborg botany" researcher builds plant-robot hybrid called Elowan by

Natural and digital systems could be blended together to create new kinds of electronic devices, according to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher Harpreet Sareen, who has built a robot controlled by a plant. Read more


Puma Revives RS-Computer Smart Sneaker From 1986 by

Puma has given the RS-Computer an upgrade for 2018, complete with Bluetooth support and their own app, while keeping the same iconic look from the 80s. The smart sneaker can measure the number of steps you take, your distance traveled, and calories burned. Read more


Kids In Arkansas Are Using VR To Learn About Concussions by

Kids in Arkansas are set to strap VR headsets on to learn about the damage they can do to their noggin’. CrashCourse is a new interactive education program that’s designed to educate high school students about the risks and effects of concussion. Read more