Best Tech Stories around the web #191

This week: an artificial intelligence treatment for pancreatic cancer, Be My Eyes app makes life easier for blind people, Apple's designers make a ring made entirely of diamond and a selection of the best creators of 360 videos.


Diabeloop secures CE mark for DBLG1 technological solution by

Diabeloop has secured CE mark for the DBLG1, its technological solution designed to enhance quality of life for T1D patients via better blood sugar management. Read more


Be My Eyes app lets you lend your eyes to a blind person in real time by

There are apps that get strangers to deliver your food, apps for strangers to give you advice, and apps that set you up with your next romantic partner. There’s even an app that allows strangers to volunteer their time in a refreshingly selfless way. Read more


Apple designer Jony Ive dreams up an all-diamond ring by

Apple chief design officer Jony Ive isn't just busy lending his creative vision to rounded iPhone corners and sleek Apple Stores. He's behind the creation of the world's ultimate diamond ring -- no metal required. Read more


Tiny Universe by

A selection of the best creators of 360 videos